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First Class Committee provides high fashion without high price

When Terrance Jones went to start a clothing company, he had more than one theme to base it on in mind. To Jones, craftsmanship, music, and affordability all play integral role in the hand-sewn clothes he makes at First Class Committee.

"I want to give people access to high fashion without paying high prices," Jones says.

The Midtown-based clothing label got its start when Jones was studying at Louisiana State University and was in its infancy when he moved to Austin, Texas, after college. First Class Committee started to come into its own when Jones made the move to Detroit a little less than a year ago. He is now a part of the Fashion Incubator at the Detroit Garment Group.

There he is working on developing his label's production and branding. For now, his line is primarily made up of shirts, sweaters, and hoodies. He designs them with an urban aesthetic that draws inspiration from contemporary music, often hip hop, but also from other genres like alternative rock and techno.

Jones hand-makes all of First Class Committee's clothing, cutting and sewing it entirely himself. To him that's a competitive advantage because it lowers the production costs and enhances the craftsmanship.

"It cuts out the middlemen," Jones says. "I can make it more affordably."

Jones currently sells First Class Committee's clothing online and in local retailers like Bob’s Classic Kicks. He wants to spend 2016 establishing the brand in Detroit and pumping up sales, though he doesn't see himself giving up the sewing until his brand success mandates it.

"I like making them myself," Jones says. "It's one on one with me and my clients. It's a unique and personal feeling."

Source: Terrance Jones, founder & CEO of First Class Committee
Writer: Jon Zemke
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