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Estrakon hires 4 as it expands LED signage offerings

Estrakon has been notching double- and triple-digit gains in the recent years and is collecting its fair share of awards hardware to show for it.

The Ann Arbor-based LED sign manufacturer has been named an Ann Arbor SPARK Fast Track award winner this fall, making it the second year it has been recognized for its continued growth.

"We grew very quickly in 2011," says Philip Ochtman, president & CEO of Estrakon. "I think it was 202 percent. That presented some challenges as we consolidated our gains. We had 20 percent growth in 2012 and 40 percent in 2013. We are targeting 80 percent growth in 2014."

Helping fuel this growth is world-wide demand for more energy-efficient products, and LED lights are the most-efficient light system on the market. The company has also expanded its product lineup, moving into digital signage systems and creating software that allows for remote control of them. It is now looking at adding some outdoor signage products in 2014.

"We are now at 15 different products," Ochtman says.

That has allowed Estrakon to hire four people over the last year, including professionals in financial controller, design, sales and administrative work. It currently has a staff of 30 employees and one intern. It also recently opened a satellite office in England.

Source: Philip Ochtman, president & CEO of Estrakon
Writer: Jon Zemke
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