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Eco Products produces new insulation tech for windows

Eco Products has a solar product that doesn't generate electricity or warm water. It helps keep warm houses warm in the winter and cool houses cool in the summer.

3S SOLAR BLOCK is a coating that can go on windows. It permits the light through but helps keep the heat in (or out, depending on which way it's facing). The coating is so clear that it doesn't obstruct the view from the glass. Eco Products is in the later stages of commercializing it after spending most of its short existence developing 3S SOLAR BLOCK.

"That process took two years and an awful lot of money," says Tom Carmichael, CEO of Eco Products.

The Royal Oak-based company has already lined up some distributors in the window and skylight markets. It expects to hit $3.5-$4 million in sales by the end of 2011, which should allow it to expand its staff of four people. Eco Products also rode the success of 3S SOLAR BLOCK to the semifinals of the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition.

Source: Tom Carmichael, CEO of Eco Products
Writer: Jon Zemke
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