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Can Detroit be reborn as a major tech sector?

InfoWorld writes the kind of article that sends goose bumps down the backs of local leaders. The subject? Whether Detroit can reinvent itself as a tech hub. Just the fact that they're asking bodes well for the city's future.


"The impressive job numbers aren't the only indicator that Detroit could be undergoing a tech-fueled renaissance. Microsoft recently opened a Technology Center in the city, providing the area with development suites and offering workshops on topics like tech strategy and business software architectural guidance. The company cited research that found Detroit to be among the 10 most cloud-friendly cities as a major factor in its decision to invest in the city. And the New York Times reported earlier this year on the tremendous opportunities that Detroit presents for startups, noting that the city's TechTown business incubator now houses 150 companies as opposed to the single company it had five years ago."

Read the rest of the story here.
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