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Civionics to expand sensor pilot with local manufacturer

It's not uncommon for tech startups to pivot in their focus. Not all survive the decision. Ann Arbor-based Civionics seems to be thriving after such a choice. The company has gone from using its wireless sensor technology to measure the strength of large-scale infrastructure (think bridges) to monitoring the strength of the machines in factories.

"We couldn't find a market pain that was screaming out for our technology," says Gerry Roston, CEO of Civionics, explaining the pivot.

Civionics technology uses a prescriptive diagnostic method to monitor factory machines. The idea is to minimize downtime and wear and tear. It is currently deployed in a factory of a major local manufacturer (Roston declined to say which one) as part of a pilot project. Civionics three person team (it recently hired a new person) has grand ambitions for that pilot project.

"It's the first step in a long roll-out in the factory," Roston says. "The customer is sticking its toe in the water."

Civionics has also been participating in a number of local programs and competitions to grow its profile. Those include Automation Alley's 7Cs program, which helps local firms with manufacturing. Civionics also recently advanced to finals of Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge.

"Those warm introductions are extremely important," Roston says.

Source: Gerry Roston, CEO of Civionics
Writer: Jon Zemke
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