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Child Care Daily App leverages microloan for new hires

The team behind Child Care Daily App plans to leverage funding from the Michigan Microloan Fund for new outreach efforts and new hires that will help the start-up generate new sales in the new year.

The Ann Arbor-based firm developed an Internet platform that simplifies the daily activities of child care providers. The software automates handwritten tasks, organizes business operations and allows for better parent communication by providing parents real-time access to what is happening with their child throughout the day.

The 1-year-old company now counts 50 child-care facilities across the U.S. as customers. It plans to expand that number to 250-300 within the coming months. Helping make that happen is a five-figure loan from the Michigan Microloan Fund, which will help pay for the company's sales and marketing efforts.

"We need to beef up our sales force," says Bill Collins, COO of Child Care Daily App. "This helps pay for us going to a conference today and another one soon. These things cost money."

Child Care Daily App currently employs three people. However, it is in the process of bringing onboard some marketing and sales people that will almost double its staff size. Collins sees his market as more blue ocean and expects to need a larger team to explore it.

"(Our technology) is brand new to the industry," Collins says. "No one has done anything like it. That's a double-edged sword. Most people aren't familiar with it so we have to educate them. If I were selling a car people would understand."

Source: Billy Collins, COO of Child Care Daily App
Writer: Jon Zemke
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