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Metro Detroit boomers as late-stage entrepreneurs?

If necessity is the mother of invention then maybe there's a bright side to our recent economic woes. TechTown held a recruitment event and nearly a third of the attendees were approaching or above their fifth decade.


"Salley, 69, is one of many baby boomers pushing into new fields through TechTown, a business incubator at Detroit's Wayne State University.

Nearly a third of people attending TechTown recruitment events are older than 46. Ten percent are over 56. They, like younger small business hopefuls, are looking for success during a recession that's seen thousands of jobs slashed across the Detroit area.

Salley is president of NextCAT Inc., which finds commercial uses for biofuel catalysts.

"Some people are doing it for the same reason I did it," he says. "They tried early retirement and found themselves unsuccessful. Some are doing it because they didn't early retire by choice and are considering entrepreneurship as an alternative."

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