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Billhighway adds dozens of staff, hundreds of clients

If there is one thing that is growing faster than Billhighway's staffing, it's the start-up's client list.

"We're growing," says Jeff Jorge, vice president of business development for Billhighway. "We have been adding people very quickly to support our growing list of clients. We have been adding clients on an almost weekly basis."

Billhighway's technology helps organizations figure out who owes what for items such as dues or dinner costs or any other miscellaneous expense. This has historically been for small organizations, but the 11-year-old company has added some larger entities as well as hundreds of other clients. It recently signed the American Medical Association Alliance.

That has allowed the Troy-based company to double revenue and hire 17 people over the last year, expanding its staff to 40 employees and a few interns. It expects to continue growing its headcount this year and has several job openings now. Jorge credits Billhighway's message of creating new revenue streams as the reason it has been able to defy the recession and continue to grow.

"The more challenged organizations become, the more they need a service like ours," says Jorge. "More money comes in when they use our systems." Customers' revenues go up between 50-250 percent in the first year, he claims.

Source: Jeff Jorge, vice president of business development for Billhighway
Writer: Jon Zemke

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