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Healthcare IT firm ATMP plans 30-50 hires within 2 years

Joe Dylewski was digitizing medical records at Compuware when he saw an opportunity, one that turned into his own business ATMP Consulting Group.

The 3-year-old start-up specializes in selling medical record software to private-practice doctors. That sector has been growing so rapidly that ATMP Consulting Group now employs 10 people and is moving from Dylewski's home office in Belleville to a real office in downtown Wayne.

"I noticed there wasn't enough attention being paid to private practices," Dylewski says. "I saw this niche and tackled it."

ATMP Consulting Group recently signed an agreement to provide niche medical records software to Port Huron Hospital's affiliate physicians. The software will both help these physicians meet government health-care record compliance requirements and qualify for federal stimulus reimbursements for making the switch. Dylewski estimates that there are just over 3,000 physicians in Michigan alone who need to make this sort of switch.

"There is plenty of work out there for us," Dylewski says.

Enough work that he expects to expand his staff to 30-50 people within the next two years. He is also putting together an internship program to help him find that local talent starting later this year.

Source: Joe Dylewski, president of ATMP Consulting Group
Writer: Jon Zemke
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