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Arbor Brewing to extend microbrewery reach... into India

Who would have thought that a locally focused microbrewery would go international? Matt and Rene Greff, owners of Arbor Brewing Company and Corner Brewery, that's who. The duo are franchising the philosophy and beer behind their breweries in India thanks to a long-time patron who wants to start a craft beer boom in India.


The Greffs, in Ann Arbor, Mich., were skeptical when Gaurav Sikka, a former University of Michigan student, approached them last year about opening a brewpub in Bangalore. Mr. Sikka, a native of India, was a regular at the couple's 200-seat Arbor Brewing Co. The couple had recently opened a small brewery in nearby Ypsilanti, and worried about stretching themselves too thin. "We said no, we don't have any time or money," recalls Mr. Greff. "He said: 'Don't rule it out of hand.' "

The Greffs traveled to India, where they came to believe Mr. Sikka's idea was feasible. They found that southern India had a beer-drinking culture, as well as lots of U.S.-educated professionals, including plenty of University of Michigan grads. Moreover, it was an untapped market for traditionally crafted microbrews like the ones the Greffs serve in Michigan.

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