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Ann Arbor childcare entrepreneur looks to launch new iPad app

Robert Kennedy sees a lot of paperwork in his child-care center business. Enough that the boss of 70 employees that oversee 300-plus kids is pioneering a new mobile app for smartphones and iPads to help eliminate that paperwork and make children more accessible to their tech-savvy parents.

The way it stands now, Kennedy's employees fill out a piece of paper each day that serves as a report of the child's activity. For instance, it says if they took a nap, a bathroom break, etc. Kennedy is working with a team of local mobile app developers to digitize this information and more.

"There has to be a better way than all of these pieces of paper at the end of the day," says Kennedy, CEO of Childcare Daily App. "We also want child-care centers to take advantage of this technology."

The new app, expected to be widely available to the public by September, provides a much more comprehensive report for parents. It will tell them when their kids went to the bathroom, if there were any irregularities, when they took a nap and how long it was, among other details that worried parents often call the childcare center about.

The Childcare Daily App will also store all of this information so parents and caregivers can see any sort of patterns and receive real-time updates. Not to mention, all of the paper that once held this valuable yet scattered information will now be safely stored in their mobile devices.

Source: Robert Kennedy, CEO of Childcare Daily App
Writer: Jon Zemke
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