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Alcove9 creates Google-like search for lost biz files

Remember that one proposal you worked on a few years ago for one of your bigger clients? You could really use the statistics from it for a compare/contrast for the big proposal you're working on today. Can't find it? Lost somewhere on your work computer's hard drive? Alcove9 has an answer for you.

The Oxford-based start-up has created software that lets you track down the years-old data lost in your computer you know you need but can't remember where you saved it.

"It's Google for your organization," says Sam Abu-Hamdan, president of Alcove9. "We can be the one-stop shop for all data found in your organization."

Abu-Hamdan launched Alcove9 in July and debuted the beta version of its software, a9 Hub, in October. It now has three beta customers and Abu-Hamdan is aiming to grow that list to 100 people by the end of the year.

Alcove9 started with two people and now employs a staff of five people. Abu-Hamdan plans to continue to add to his staff as he works to grow his client base.

Source: Sam Abu-Hamdan, president of Alcove9
Writer: Jon Zemke
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    Alcove9 is a third-generation, open source Corporate Intranet Search Engine designed for engineering and manufacturing. It is based in Oxford.

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