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Brar Technology moves into Macomb Oakland INCubator, plans to hire, grow

A designer of software technology for the military is operating from new, larger digs as it plans to expand sales and staff thanks to assistance from the Macomb-Oakland University INCubator.

Brar Technology, a company founded in 1993 in Clinton Township, moved onto the INCubator campus March 1. The company started in circuit cards for the military and has expanded into engineering and weapons systems and embedded technology for the military, says Steve Hunt, Brar Technology's director of sales. For example, Brar writes software that monitors conditions on military vehicles.

What attracted Brar to the Macomb-OU INCubator campus in Sterling Heights was "affordable office space and also something called a kitchen cabinet roundtable," Hunt says. Besides the office space and conference rooms, Brar uses the INCubator internet service and other infrastructure, saving costs. Brar's lease costs are related to its sales, a percentage going to the Macomb-OU INCubator, which supports development in business of defense, homeland security and advanced manufacturing.

The location and regular interaction with other companies on the premises or nearby give Brar quick access to information, knowledge and clients or partners such as General Dynamics, Hunt says.

"There's help with marketing, business planning, free counseling, free advice," Hunt says. "As we move onto expanding into the government, this is a good place to be. Oakland University is a partner of ours also and some of our development and research and development is done with them. And the fact that being here gives us access to people we need in our business is very important."

Five Brar employees are working at the new office space, which has room to expand. Brar has other offsite employees.

"This is a huge building that has just a ton of office space and a lot of conference rooms," Hunt says. "We're anticipating a rapid expansion…Next six month, maybe 10 employees and in the next year or say we may extend that to 20 to 25."

Source: Steve Hunt, director of sales, Brar Technology
Writer: Kim North Shine

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