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Shadan Malik new

Marketing investment moves growth needle for iDashboards

IDashboards grew an average of nearly 20 percent over each of the last four years. It now has a marketing budget of more than $2 million today, which isn't bad for a boot-strapped firm that built itself up to make a significant-yet-strategic gamble. "That's the difference between a boot-strapped firm and venture-funded firm," says Shadan Malik, president & CEO of iDashboards. "Venture-funded firms have millions to spend right away."

Jason Raznick

Hiring helps propel Benzinga from startup to financial media staple

"We can't hire on experience because we have a limited budget," says Jason Raznick, CEO of Benzinga. "We're trying to create something from nothing."

Dug Song

Duo Security accumulates millions in investor cash in quest for constant improvement

"We haven't spent most of the cash we have taken from investors," says Dug Song, CEO of Duo Security.

Joe McClure new

New hires turn into key ingredients for growth spurt at McClure's Pickles

"This year we're going to have even bigger growth because we added some key people," says Joe McClure, co-owner of McClure's Pickles.


Flower child capitalists turn low profit company into gazelle startup, ardentCause

"We discovered what the customers wanted was different," says Rosemary Bayer, chief inspiration officer for ardentCause. "We had to change who we thought our customer was and adapt our products to it."

Lydia Guttierez

Building a community-based company, Hacienda Mexican Foods in southwest Detroit

"I ran the business with my heart, but my costs continued to go up," Gutierrez says. "I closed my eyes and prayed for help. When I opened them up I saw things differently. I am an administrator who needs to run a business."


DaveStrenski on the roof of the Ypsilanti Food Coop

Can Ypsilanti become a solar destination?

Deconstructing a house on Main Street

Deconstructing the past for a zero-energy future

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