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Greg Gage

Greg Gage

Greg Gage is the co-founder of Backyard Brains, an Ann Arbor-based startup that specializes in neuroscience education.

David Darbyshire

David Darbyshire

David Darbyshire is the engineer & co-owner of DASI Solutions, a software firm based in downtown Pontiac.

Omer Kiyani

Omer Kiyani

Omer Kiyani is the founder of Sentinl, a Detroit-based startup that is developing the next generation of gun-safety technology.

Lynne Schreiber

Lynne Golodner

Lynne Golodner is the founder of Your People, a public relations agency based in Southfield.

Anthony Montalbano

Anthony Montalbano

Anthony Montalbano is one of the co-founders of Spincard, a software startup based in downtown Detroit.

Christina Lovio-George

Christina Lovio-George

Christina Lovio-George is the founder & CEO of Lovio George Communications + Design, a boutique communications and design agency based in Detroit's Midtown neighborhood.


David Blanchard

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Stories from the new economy: Henry Ford Innovation Institute

Henry Ford Innovation Institute connects medical practitioners with designers and entrepreneurs to help commercialize the innovation that arises every day at Henry Ford Hospital.

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New Economy Initiative

The New Economy Initiative for Southeast Michigan was launched in 2008 as a unique philanthropic initiative aimed at helping to restore southeast Michigan to a position of leadership in the new global economy. It is committed to increasing prosperity and expanding opportunity for all residents and communities in the region. Ten national and local foundations have committed $100 million to this eight-year initiative to accelerate the transition of metro Detroit to an innovation-based economy.