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Joe Malcoun

Joe Malcoun, focus on product first, promotion second

Nutshell is all about its product to Joe Malcoun and his fellow co-founders at the Ann Arbor-based software startup. The tech entrepreneur explains why his team focused on product first and promotion second while building the business.

Bob Kraemer

Bob Kraemer on where downtown Detroit development is headed

Bob Kraemer has seen the ups and downs of redeveloping downtown Detroit since he opened Kraemer Design Group in Harmonie Park in 1997. He also has an idea or two where development will be heading in the next few years.

Megan Torrance

Megan Torrance on fitting a business into a space too big for it

Megan Torrance knew she needed a bigger space for her growing company, TorranceLearning, and knew she didn't want to leave the downtown Chelsea Clock Tower. So she took chance and took over one huge space in it.

Larry Schmitt

Larry Schmitt, success equals pursuing opportunities

Larry Schmitt knows opportunity when he sees it. He often sells those opportunities through his innovation consulting company, The Inovo Group. Schmitt also knows that successful companies pursue those opportunities, and he knows how to get them to do it.

Brian Rudolph

Brian Rudolph on bringing Banza to a store shelf near you

Brian Rudolph wants you to eat Banza, gluten-free pasta from chick peas. First he has to get his Detroit-based food startup product on store shelves, a task he is enjoying some fast success with this year.

Jason Kapica

Jason Kapica on targeting the best market for expansion

Finding the next best market to expand online event parking startup Park N Party isn't as simple as randomly picking a Big Ten school and setting up shop. Park n Party co-founder Jason Kapica explains how he grows the reach of his Ann Arbor-based firm.



Intergenerational partnerships fuel success in metro Detroit companies

Kyle DeWitt of Tecumseh Brewing Company

Tecumseh Brewing Company launches with a new kind of crowdfunding

Green Bldg List

A green building culture is emerging in Detroit

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Stories from the new economy: ACCESS Growth Center

ACCESS Growth Center assists immigrant entrepreneurs in making Metro Detroit more than a place of residence -- but rather a place they can call home.

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