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Travis Johnson

Automation equals gazelle growth for Detroit's foodjunky

"Right now we're adding 1,000 restaurants per month," says Travis O Johnson, co-founder & CEO of foodjunky. "A year from now we hope to be in 20,000 restaurants."

Jesse Cory

1xRUN team building turns startup into second-stage star

"We were six employees and then 20," says Jesse Cory, CEO of 1xRUN. "We needed to figure out how to make that work and create different departments."

Omeid 1

MyFab5 hits key milestones without reinventing social media wheel

"Most users find MyFab5 through Instagram," says Omeid Seirafi-Pour, co-founder & CEO of MyFab5. "We give them value through our ability to introduce people to new options. You will find some awesome restaurants by following us."

MJ Cartwright

Seeing is believing spurs growth for Court Innovations

"As soon as they see it operating they see the value in it," says MJ Cartwright, CEO of Court Innovations. "They really get it and want to start using it."

Nailah Ellis Brown

Ellis Infinity Beverage Co figures out the recipe for finding the first home away from home

"Make sure the production side of things is something you have a passion for," Ellis-Brown says. "It's not easy. It's one of the hardest things I have ever done."

Mark Rieth

No place like home for Atwater Brewery

"We're in great shape for future expansion," Rieth says. "We want to have a capacity of 150,000 barrels and this gives us that. We want to continue growing in Detroit because the city is an important part of what we’re about."


Katoi's menu

While it builds out a home in Detroit, Katoi gets up and running in Ann Arbor

Stefanie Staufer with her hot peppers at Tilian Farm

A fresh crop of local entrepreneurial farmers

Parjana's Greg McPartlin and Andrew Niemczyk

Detroit company poised to revolutionize how cities manage stormwater

Paulette Auchtung, planetarium coordinator and staff astronomer at the Michigan Science Center

Inspiring curious minds: Detroit women in STEM

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